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The range will be closed until Thursday, October 22 at 8 AM due to the lead remediation project. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jim McGarry, President


This is to inform you that I have submitted my resignation as President of Cumberland Riflemen to the Board of Directors. This resignation was submitted at the last board meeting in March. It is to be effective at midnight April 2. This decision was a difficult one to make considering my feelings for the facility, the club and the wonderful friends that I made here. Reason for my resignation is that the Parkinson's disease the government attributes to my service in the Republic of Vietnam is just getting more and more advanced and is making me less able to do the job to the level I believe it needs.

It's been a good 14 years. I have a lot of people to thank for the support and cooperation in making my dream of what Cumberland should be come true. There are too many to name and I would probably end listing the whole roster of members. You know who you are and I hope you know the depth of my thanks and appreciation. Also, I thank the Executive Board for its support, guidance, and thoughtful planning which allowed me room to make the dream come true.

In accordance with practice and the bylaws I am appointing Jim McGarry, who currently serves as the executive officer of the club, to fill my unexpired term as president. That will end in June 2022. Jim is as caring and supportive a member of the club and its ideals as you might find. Usually, he can be found on one of the pistol ranges.

I'm also appointing John Patten as Jim's replacement as executive officer. You might know John from his successful Junior program wherein he raised the performance bar to its current very high level. John shares with Jim the attributes of dedication and commitment to the club and its shooting programs.

I trust that each of you will give them the same spirit of cooperation and help that you gave me. If you see me on the range, and you should, stopover and say hello. I will stay active in the club until I can't.

Thank you all for your support. I wish you safety, health and a lot of tens when you shoot.

Paul Adamowski



The range will be closed until Thursday, October 22 at 8 AM due to the lead remediation project. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jim McGarry, President



During the spring of 1964, a small group of N.R.A. rifle and pistol shooters became tired of being chased out of gravel holes used as shooting ranges. They located a small gravel hole off Route 49, West of Union Road. This gravel hole and surrounding property belonged to the Smith Brothers' roofing family.

They contacted them to arrange a meeting to obtain permission to shoot in their gravel hole. Permission to establish a rifle/pistol range was granted and by verbal agreement and we agreed to pay the annual taxes on the property consisting of 108 acres. This was our verbal lease. The first tax bills were based on the 108 acres of ground that included the gravel hole and land around it. The land was declared undeveloped wilderness, thus the lease was for $108.00 per year for many years.

The following people were the Charter Members of the Cumberland Riflemen:

  • Robert Masilotti - First Club President
  • John R. "Bob" Courter - First Vice President
  • Joseph Martelli - First Executive Officer
  • Andrew Knoph - First Secretary
  • Fred Rosi - First Corresponding Secretary
  • Jack Taylor - Treasurer
  • William Otto - Land Excavator
  • James F. Lavelle - First Instructor

These "pioneers" cleared and surveyed the property that is now the 600 yard hi power rifle range. They even hand dug a well to have fresh water to drink.

Shooters came from miles around and from other states to shoot on the range and hold matches. Some shooters even brought empty jugs to fill with the cold fresh water to take home with them. The well pipe is still there, but unfortunately due to vandalism, the well was abandoned.

Fred Rosi and Jack Taylor are the only living charter members and are two of the people instrumental in getting the charter for the range and so began Cumberland Riflemen. The club held their meetings at the Navy Club and the Elks Club till the building was torn down. Back then, I am informed, that ironing boards were used as shooting benches and the old-fashioned canvas beach chairs were used to park your butt on.

I have also learned that Fred Rosi and other members were able through the NRA, to get a bunch of 1903 Springfield rifles. Some brand new, never fired and some used for under $20.00 each. The members were also were able to get some Garand M1's also very cheap and 10 1911A1's free from the NRA for their up and coming pistol team. They also received thousands of round of ammo FREE! (Wish we could get that stuff today) Unfortunately, due to circumstances, all the rifles and pistols had to be returned. The rifle shooters still banded together but the pistol team was disbanded. A pistol range had been created and there were 20 positions to shoot from. The range even had turning targets on the 25-yard line and stanchions on the 50-yard line. NRA sanctioned matches were held regularly.

The rifle team was huge back then and you would be hard pressed to find a parking place during a match. Cars were lined up along the entire driveway to the 600-yard range. They filled the area that is now the pistol range and they ran out into the highway. The shooter's wives sold hot dogs, hamburgers and refreshments too.

Tom Wnorowski re-started the pistol program back in 1991 by putting up a sign asking if there was any interest. He got about 35 responses, mostly from guys who were in their late 60's and early 70's. Pistol matches would be filled with 15 or 20 of these guys, all of whom were really good shooters.

They shot 2700 Bullseye matches but Tom could not find anyone to help call the match so he dropped the matches to an 1800. You Bullseye shooters know how grueling a 2700 can be. The bench at the pistol range was wood and a real chore to keep in good repair. It was warped and full of splinters. The wooden legs would rot, and they would replace them with cutoffs from trees. Kenny Hignutt came up with metal for the bench about 10 years ago. The legs are stainless steel, the top aluminum.

Well shooters, this is just a short part of the history of the Cumberland Riflemen that I could gather so far. Many thanks to Fred Rosi and Tom Wnorowski for taking the time to enlighten all of us. As I receive more history, I will pass it on to you.

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Cumberland Riflemen Inc. 4030 East Main Street Millville, New Jersey 08332 Email Me

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Please be aware that the forest and wooded areas are very dry.  The forest fire danger is extremely high.  We did not have our early spring  burn of underbrush completed due to the wetness conditions existing at that time.  A lot has changed in a few months. Accordingly, we are in a danger status as regards the possibility of a forest fire.  Please exercise caution.  No tracer rounds allowed on the complex. Any smoking should be conducted away from brush, grass and wooded areas.  Try to confine any smoking to the concrete pads or cleared areas by the firing line on the plinking and practical ranges. Field stripping your cigarettes and cigars will go far to insuring that we don’t have a problem.  Dispose of waste in the trash cans.  If you smell smoke or see any signs of a fire developing, notify either the forest service or 911. Be smart and help keep us operating.

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