The ranges have been very active in the past several months. Range safety and proper membership etiquette are important factors for the operation of our ranges here at the Cumberland Riflemen.

Unfortunately we have had multiple incidents at the ranges regarding range safety and rule violations. Multiple complaints were brought to the disciplinary board and hearings were conducted and penalties were imposed. Rules and regulations were instituted to keep the ranges safe and have a good shooting experience at the club. Please keep in mind that penalties for rule infractions can range from suspension to range access to termination of membership.

Bricks, plastic containers and other items have been left at the plinking range. If you bring something to shoot at on the Plinking Range please clean it up and dispose of it in the trash barrel or take it with you when you leave.

Please take note that when there are multiple people shooting at the range and you need to go down range to change targets, it is your responsibility to make sure that you notify all other shooters. Make sure that all shooters have heard your request to make their firearms safe before going down range. Make sure that all firearms are grounded, actions open and ECI’s (empty chamber indicators/safety flags) are installed. This not a request, it is MANDATORY!

There has been a new regulation voted upon by the executive board regarding the bump firing of any firearms on the ranges.  Bump firing is the simulated firing of full-automated firing by either a device installed on the firearms or by manual simulation of full automatic firing. This is now not allowed with any firearm on any range at the club. Bump firing risks safety and controllability of the firearm.

I would also like to address the continued damage being done to the turning target frames on the pistol range. It is not allowed to place targets in between the stands. People have been placing targets at ground level between targets thus damaging the framework. Targets are to be placed in the appropriate locations on the stands.

And lastly summer is not even here yet and we had a serious forest fire at the range between the pistol and plinking ranges. We almost lost the buildings at the pistol range.  Please be reminded that there are to be no fires on the ranges. Be extremely careful of the fire potential while utilizing the ranges. We may not be as lucky the next time and could lose the entire range.

There are ranges officers signified by red hats indicating their title. They will be monitoring the ranges throughout the week checking for rule violations and non-member shooting. Please cooperate with them. They are there for your safety. Please remember to sign in all guests. This will be strictly enforced.

Jim McGarry
Executive Officerr




1.  General Rules:

  1. It shall be the responsibility of all members to have knowledge of any and all range rules and abide by all range rules.
  2. Gate access cards are not to be loaned or given to anyone.
  3. Members will cease fire and leave the range if told to do so by any range or executive officer for violation of the rules and regulations. All Executive Officers and members have full authority to enforce these range rules and regulations
  4. Violations of range safety rules could be grounds for revocation of club membership if so determined by the Disciplinary Board.
  5. It is mandatory that all shooters use hearing and eye protection while on the range property.
  6. With the exception of organized tournaments or special club activities, the range is restricted to members holding valid range privilege permits.  Members must wear these permits (badges) in plain view for inspection by any Executive Officer, Range Officer or member.
  1. i.) The loan of a range permit is prohibited.

  2. Guests are permitted to shoot and handle firearms on the range if accompanied by a club member.

    i.) Junior members or family members under age 18 are not allowed to fire on the range unless closely supervised in a one on one manner by an adult club member

  3. The range is open fifty-one weeks of the year.  Range use is limited to daylight hours only.  Range facility is closed during Deer Shotgun Week.

    i.) Certain maintenance functions may require that the entire complex or specific ranges be closed with little or no warning.  However, the Club President and or Executive Officer should make every attempt to provide as much warning of such closure by website publication as is possible.

  4. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on club property at any time.
  5. Parking of vehicles shall be in designated areas.  Observe all NO PARKING and other signs.
  6.  Members are responsible to insure that the automatic gate is closed upon entering and leaving the range or padlocked if not operational.

2.    Firearms and Ammunitions Restrictions:

  1. The use and possession of rifles and pistols on the range complex is limited to target and sporting types that are not prohibited by New Jersey State Statute.
  3. Any gun, which cannot be fired from the shoulder or held at arms length, is prohibited.
  4. No firearms are allowed in which the action cannot be locked open.  Muzzleloaders are excepted.

i.) Empty chamber indicators are an acceptable means of holding bolts from closing.

  1. The use of tracer, incendiary or armor-piercing ammunition is prohibited.
  2. Specific types of firearms and ammunition allowed on each range are defined in the rules for that range; rules may be found on the main bulletin board or listed in the Manual of Operations which is posted on the website.

3.   Specific Safety Rules which are applicable to ranges:

  1. Muzzles of firearms must be kept pointing down range at all times.
  2. Firearms not in use will have actions open, slides back or be cased
  1. i.) Firearms are to be loaded on the firing line only
    ii.)Treat every firearm as if it were loaded at all times.  Never aim a firearm unless you intend to shoot.  Never shoot a firearm unless you can hit the target.

  2. Targets may be taken down or put up only with approval of all shooters at the firing line.  A shooter may not be denied his right to approach his target at these times but the line must be safe

    i.) No firearm will be handled when anyone is down range..

  3. Be familiar with your firearm and its proper ammunition.  Read the instruction manual or seek instruction if you are not sure.
  4. Use of holsters will be allowed on range property when worn by Police or Correction personnel either on duty, performing police related training, practicing for qualifications or by personnel involved in Board approved NRA Training being conducted and supervised by an NRA Certified Instructor.  Holstered firearms will be removed from the person immediately upon completion of the training
  5. All firing on pistol and rifle ranges will be on paper targets.  On the plinking/shotgun range targets may be clay, aluminum cans or plastic bottles, (NO PAINT CONTAINERS, OIL CANS OR GLASS).  All bottles and cans must be removed or placed in the dumpster when you finish shooting.
  6. Targets are to be mounted on approved frames only.  All litter including targets, ammunition boxes and brass is to be removed from the range, placed in trash cans or placed in the dumpster.
  7. On the Plinking Range, targets placed on the ground must be al least 25 yards from the firing line. All fired rounds, including ricochets MUST impact the berm. Should a shooter be the only firer and desire to shoot closer to his target, he may do so, provided no one else is shooting or desires to shoot.  In that case, he may move his grounded target closer to the berm and may fire from a position in front of the firing line, closer to his target.  Should another shooter desire to use the same range, then all shooting forward of the firing line must cease.  At that time, all shooting will then be conducted from the established firing line.  The shooter with a grounded target must return to the 25-yard rule.
  8. On the Pistol Range, when Police Qualifications are being conducted, the targets must be no closer to the firing line than the existing 25-yard target line.  That means that for Retired Police Officer (RPO) or Police Training Commission (PTC) qualifications only, the shooter will be allowed to move forward of the firing line.  This means that all other shooting on that range must cease until the qualifications are completed.  RPO/PTC Qualifications on the Pistol Range are to be done on the far right side of the range.  Portable target stands are available on that range.
  9. All club members are responsible for reporting an infraction of these rules to any Executive Officer.
  10. Pets should be controlled and not allowed to run at large.  Pets are not allowed on the firing line.

 This revision combines rules promulgated in 2006 and certain changes and updates made by the Executive Board on May 1, 2009.

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