Welcome to the Pistol Ranges

The pistol range consists of three separate areas. The areas are: competition range, practical/tactical range and the steel target range.

The competition range is where we run our precision pistol leagues and NRA sanctioned matches. This range is divided into two parts. The left side is for our matches. There are target frames setup at 50yds for the slow fire stages of our matches and at 25yds there are turning targets that are used for the timed and rapid fire stages. On the right side are stationary target frames positioned at 25yds and one at 50yds. These frames must be used for practice so the turning target frames don't get damaged. Also at this range the established fire line is from the bench to the first set of target frames at 25yds. The pistol of choice for shooting a match is .22lr or any pistol up to the caliber of .45. NO MAGNUM LOADS. Come out and join us for a evening of shooting. The league matches run from the first Wednesday in April to the last Wednesday in September. First shots down range at 6:30pm and if you participate in a minimum of three matches, you are invited to attend our end of the year Pizza/Awards party.

The second range is the Practical/Tactical range. This range is for authorized members only, also it is the only range that a pistol can be drawn from a holster. The range was originally setup for RPO's qualification and training. Range members who have been vetted by either the range president or executive officer and have a "H" sticker on your ID card are authorized to utilize this range. While on this range your pistol will be holstered at all times except to shoot. The shooting distances are marked on the right hand wall. Guests or family members who have not been vetted are not authorized to shoot on this range.

The third range is the Steel Target Range or Pistol Plinking range. This range is setup with steel targets of various configurations at 25yds from the benches. 25yds is the recommended safe distance for shooting pistol calibers at a steel target. On this range you can only shoot pistols with conventional loads. "NO MAGNUM LOADS". There are targets for .22lr pistols and center fire pistols. Please follow the instructions on the signs and don't shoot the signs. The only words of advice I can give for this range is be safe, follow the instructions on the signs, have fun and bring lots of ammo.

As always on any of the ranges we ask that you to follow all safety rules.

  • ALWAYS keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, down range.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • ALWAYS keep your gun unloaded until ready use.

Gregory Warde, Pistol Chairman and Match Director

Cumberland Riflemen Inc.
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