Monday Night Rimfire Benchrest

The season is in hiatus till April with the past season being a fun filled adventure of good competition, exchange of ideas and information and improvement of skills. There was good friendly competition with Al Wienerman taking the honors as “Top Gun”. Kim Quigley made “Most Improved”.

It is a less expensive means of target practice with the emphasis on precision shooting. Come out some time and see what’s going on. There are usually extra rifles available to try your skill and see what up. The cost is $2.00 for three targets of 25 bulls each. (This money is used for the end of year party and awards)

The matches are Monday nights with registration and practice at 4:30 PM with competition starting at 5:30 PM. Both member and non-members may participate so come on out and bring a friend.

ARA Benchrest Matches

The American Rimfire Association sanctioned matches at Cumberland Riflemen have been growing with exposure and is a way for those serious about competition to get their feet wet. The matches are held the third Sunday of the month from April through October. As a sanctioned match there are points to be earned for national recognition. It also means the matches are open to all members and non-members alike. There is coffee and doughnuts available so come early. The matches start with registration from 8:00 AM till 9:00 AM with practice at that time. The first target is shot at 9:00 AM. This is a 3 target – 25 bull per target match using the ARA target. This is an unlimited match meaning there are few restrictions as to the weight and makeup of the rifle, scoped or not and the use of one piece rests being allowed. The cost is $10.00 for the match and the coffee and doughnuts are free.

You’re invited to come out and observe if you’d like and enjoy the fellowship, conversion and just good atmosphere. Come and see how the 100-yard range has come along and what some of the uses are.

For more information on the ARA go to: www.Killoughshootingsports.com
This also a good source for all benchrest related supplies.

Questions about the 100 Yard Range:
Contact:         22 cal  RifleChairman
                        100 yard Chair
Frank Karwowski (609) 501- 7909
            e-mail:   frankkar@verizon.net

100-Yard Rifle Range

The range has seen a great increase in use and that is a good thing! There still are those that feel that anything down range is open for shooting. Wrong assumption! Remember that we have use of the facilities because we respect our neighbors and their properties; in turn they allow us to continue to use our facility. The disrespect by those few who feel it is their right to shoot at anything down range puts our facility at risk of being challenged for it’s existence and possible legal action to close it down. Remember that your rights are only valid if you show respect for others rights and it’s your responsibility to show deserving actions for your rights. Rules are in place not to limit your enjoyment but to protect your right to it. The 100-yard range is there for you to use not to abuse; so please follow good common sense and the rules of the range. It is how you use it that is the reflection of the club and its values. If you show disrespect for the facility you are in essence saying you do not care what happens to this facility or to the rights and values of those who are members. If it is restricted or closed because of your carelessness it shows you care less for what we have and for the current members and also that you care not for the future.

That said; remember the numbers on the backers are there to identify lanes of shooting. They are not targets. There is to be no cross shooting – shooting across the lane, bench 1 to any other lane and so on. If you have trouble shooting within the confines of the backer please take time to go to the Plinking Range to site in your weapon so that you can keep your rounds within the target area of the backers. It is easier to see the impact of your round on the berm of the Plinking Range at 50 yards till you adjust your sites to place your rounds into a 2.5 ft. by 4 ft. area equal to the backer and in turn to impact the berm so as to not cause possible issues outside the range or destroy anything on the range. The Plinking Range is there to help you get yourself and your weapon comfortable with the narrow areas of good shooting on any of the other ranges. Practice and site there so that you are a reflection of a responsible shooter anywhere else.

There has been a good response to the ability of moving any of the first four benches for the purpose of prone shooting. Those utilizing that ability have given good kudos for Frank’s design and in turn have been good shooters by replacing the benches and hand truck when done. This has given the range more exposer to different disciplines and opened it for more use. We hope that this continues as it is a reflection of the club’s vision to make the facility more available in an organized manner.

The range has gotten many kudos from those visiting from other areas and it has been said that it is an excellent reflection of what can be done with dedication and hard work. We should be proud and make sure that it remains a mirror image of what the club represents as a shooting facility and a good neighbor in the community.

Do not forget ear and eye protection must be worn at the range as well as the use of empty chamber indicators (indicators can be found in the containers located on the post of firing line pad). Safety is not an after thought so be aware of your surroundings, watch for others down range and be vigilant of what others are doing. Any member may address a safety concern and inform those involved as to what that concern is, what you would like done and why. If you have any difficulties you may contact any range officer or board member. Having fun is what it is all about but we want you to be able to continue to have it and allow others to participate also.

Frank Karwowski
ARA Match Director
Walter Tushkov
Asst. Match Dir.

The Cumberland Riflemen Club’s Jr. Marksmanship program will be re-starting this January for the 2011 season. <<read more>


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