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Winter –a tough one to be sure- is but a bad memory and we are running full bore with shooting activities.  The winter made several upkeep and maintenance activities necessary and we are now on track as far as maintenance goes.  We wanted to get an underbrush burn in by spring but the wet conditions negated that operation. Next year’s paperwork is already done requesting a burn of underbrush on the facility.

The facility is scheduled for a significant amount of activity this year.  Although we have added some activities, I have made it a goal not to increase the total amount of activity without a decrease in poorly received or attended areas.  In fact, there are slightly less matches scheduled for this year than were in the past year. Yet, we do see a good number of shooters in attendance at our activities.  If you might have any interest in any form of instruction, classes or competitive shooting then please contact me and I will get you to the right person to get you started. Remember that being knowledgeable or a champion starts with a small step – a telephone call to (609) 390-3941.

If you are following the emails I send out, you are aware that the Legislature is at it again.  Believe me when I say that they want YOUR guns.  Make it a point to respond to my emails by contacting your elected officials and letting them know that you are not in favor of what they are trying to do and that you will show your displeasure by closing your wallet for donations and by voting them out of office.  Responding to these legislative activities is probably the most important thing you can do as a gun owner.
The Governor appears to be on our side but we must continue to remind him that we are constituents and that we vote!

This past winter, I have noticed that we have not yet lost all those suffering from a lack of brains.  I found a tire and assorted steel and aluminum objects used as targets on the plinking range and some shot up cans and bottles on the 600 yard range.  Every range has limits placed thereon as to what may be shot on those ranges.  Those limits are stated by the club for a variety of reasons, not the least is concern for your safety.  Anyone found violating those rules will be taken before the Disciplinary Committee and I will be pushing for not only their expulsion from the club but also with a lifetime bar to use of the facilities as a member or guest.  Know that anyone removed from the club roles for disciplinary reasons will be reported to other area clubs.  Please take care of what we have, eliminate problems or report them.  You are all range officers and are expected to take action when something is wrong on the ranges or when activities are in violation of our bylaws.  I’ve said it before, but I believe that the first time something untoward happens on the facility, there will be agitation for our closure.  Help keep this place running for yourself and for the shooters to come. Keep it safe and keep it clean!

Please remember to sign your guests in and make sure that you place the date of your guests visit on the sign-in sheet in the toilet building.

You should be aware that the Executive Board has voted that beginning in June of 2015, the dues will increase to $125.  I have tried hard to hold the line on dues but it has been five years since we raised them.  With the establishment of a cap on the membership, we can no longer count on having additional unbudgeted or discretionary funds available to take care of unforeseen maintenance costs or price increases.  In the past year, we have spent a good amount of unbudgeted money from the discretionary account to fix the tractor, and make big repairs to the toilet facility.  Our taxes and insurance costs have increased significantly without much prior warning. Goods and services (attorney fees, propane, electricity) have all gone up. You all have experienced what I am outlining.  We need to keep what we have in good order and we need to continue to add to the facility in terms of ranges. We still are the cheapest game in the area and we don’t yet have significant income producing activities such as skeet or trap to fall back upon. 

Please note that if this increase is going to make the difference as to whether you maintain your membership or not, please contact me.  There are ways we can mutually solve problems.  We can always use help in our maintenance programs.  You should know that with the increase in dues, the Executive Board has voted to change the policy on work parties.  If you attend one work party, you can take $20. off your dues cost.  You will now be allowed to attend a second work party which will negate another $5 from your dues.  Also, there is going to be a section added to the website wherein we will advertise unscheduled work parties for activity beyond the scope of the traditional work days.  Any combination of two work days will remove the amount of the increase from your next year’s dues. I am really sorry to have to implement this but it is the Board’s feeling that we need to keep the current operations activity and keep the club viable. For your budgeting purposes, we held the increase off until the 2015 dues year.

Have a good summer, shoot often, be safe and stand for the 2nd Amendment..

Paul Adamowski, President CRI


Cumberland Riflemen Inc.
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